Breast Implant

Breast Implant

A procedure to enhance and increase the size of a woman’s breast, is one of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures.

It involves placing a soft breast implant containing either silicone gel or saline (salt-water) solution underneath the normal breast. The procedure can be done either on an outpatient basis or with hospital confinement, depending on the patient’s preference.

The length of the operation varies from 2 to 5 hours, under local anesthesia with sedation.

Usually, the breast implants are surgically inserted through either the inframammary incision (in the skin fold below the breast), the periareolar incision (along the edge of the colored area around the nipple) or the transaxillary incision (in the armpit). The implant either below the chest muscle (submuscular) or between the chest muscle and the breast tissue (subglandular).
With these various options in mind, each patient can come to a decision about the kind of implants, location of the incision and placement of the implants after discussing these options with the plastic surgeon.