Gastric Sleeve Plication

Hospital Jerusalem is proud to announce that we now offer you the newest advancement in weight loss surgery: The Gastric Sleeve Plication.

The procedure is currently performed in limited clinical trial in the United States. Many bariatric surgeons are calling it the most exciting advancement in weight loss surgery since adjustable gastric banding.

Early patient data demonstrate weight loss results similar to gastric bypass with no reports of complications. The procedure, best understood as an evolution of the more familiar sleeve gastrectomy surgery, offers weight loss surgery patients a number of very critical benefits:

  • A minimally invasive procedure.
  • Only 3 nights total hospital stay!
  • No loss of stomach tissue
  • the ‘sleeve’ is created by suturing rather than removal (preserving nutrient absorption capability)
  • No devices – no staples, no bands, no fills
  • Reduced risk of early or late complications
  • Does not impair patient dietary habits

Early data (patients at 6-12 months post procedure) indicate resultant weight loss is comparable to gastric bypass