What Our Patients Say



I have lost 54 pounds in the last 4 months, without overdoing the exercise. I felt like I was “the invisible woman” walking around 100 lbs overweight, and miserable. My healthcare (Kaiser Insurance) said I didn’t qualify for them to cover the surgery here in LA because I wasn’t sick, diabetic or in some kind of physical pain. So I researched and talked to plenty of places for about 1year and liked Shirley’s information, and wisdom (being a patient herself). You will be in the best hands possible, and they all know what they are doing. I was uneasy, skeptical, but ready when I went, and to this day I feel like everyone at the hospital, and Shirley are extended family. I followed all instructions, and I have not had any complications or nothing. I also recently found some things to rid me of my surgery scars, so not only will I be smaller, but the “evidence” of incision will be gone as well! My mother went with me, and she needs the surgery herself, and insists that this is the only place she will go. I have to lose about 47 more pounds and I see that it is totally possible now. I attached a before an after. The first picture is when I was at the hotel 3 days after surgery, the second was last week when I was in Jamaica. I’m loving life again!


I had my lap band surgery on May 11th 2015. I am so happy with the results so far. I am down 65lbs!!!! I had one “fill” and am doing fabulous! Thank you all so much. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate what you all have done for me. Thanks for making weight loss surgery affordable to us.I would have never been able to get it done here (in the US).I will be back to Mexico to have some flabby skin remove in a year or so. If you can, please tell Eduardo hi from me and Erica.